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Stan's Idle Hour Restaurant
    221 Goodland Dr. W
    Goodland, FL 34140                 239-394-3041
  "Stan The Man"
   April 30, 1926 -
   June 18, 2012
Fia's Island Woman Boutique                at Stan's!
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The Gobers, Jay, Russ, Steve and Stan!
Stan's is now closed until October 4, 2014. Thank you for your business!
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"You'll never walk alone....Stan"
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                              (Marco Island, Goodland, Fl). "
"Stan's Hour's of Business"
R.I.P long-time Stan's performer "Kevin Thomas", who passed away September 10, 2013!

All webcams are temporarily down
Closed August and September, re-opening Oct. 4th.