Best Gas Grills Under $1000: Low Price but High Premium Features

Are you looking for the best gas grills under $1000 that keep your family safe, helping you produce mouth-watering meals without much effort for cleaning? With just a 1000-dollar budget, you can purchase a premium grill with nearly any feature including a large grilling area, high BTU heat levels, and flavorizer bars.

However, You don’t need to spend all of your 1000 dollars. There are many cheaper yet equally good grills that meet your needs. If you don’t know where to look, this article will help you have a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of best natural gas grills under 1000.

The Top Ten Best Gas Grills Under $1000.

#1. Weber 67011001 Genesis II E-410 Natural Gas Grill: Best for many burners

When you want to cook some dishes that require extreme high temperature, you may think of this Weber. This product is in the series of the Weber grills. The Weber II E-410 is relatively similar to the Weber Genesis II E-310, except for some upgraded features.

This grill possesses four burners compared to its previous E-310 version. This allows the product to increase its performance to 48000 BTU. The ingredients can produce more flavour with higher temperature, especially for browning meat and sautéing or caramelising vegetables.

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Besides the only different function, the price of E-310 is also slightly lower than its descendant. The height and depth of E-410 are not distinct from the E-310 and they also have similar open cart concept. All other features and accessories are alike. So, it is up to your needs to decide what type of Weber you should buy.

  • 4 burners
  • Higher temperature
  • More expensive

#2. Weber Genesis II E-330 Natural Gas Grill: Best for longevity

If you have a tight budget and are looking for a long-lasting grill. This Weber E-330 is just right for you. With this high-quality gas grill, you can sleep easily because the grills go with a ten-year warranty and 100% Weber guarantee.

One thing users usually feel uncomfy with the grill is spending a large amount of time starting it. The products feature the infinity ignition. This will ensure that the grill will light up whenever you need. The ignition is powered by a battery, which allows you to have an easy and quick start-up.

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This product can give you a hand in producing tasty grilled meals even though you are not a seasoned chief. The powerful Gs4 high-performance grilling system distributes the heat evenly whereas the flavorizer bars can reuse the drippings,  therefore enhancing the flavour of your food.

  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy and quick ignition
  • Even heat distribution
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions
  • Low-grade steel construction

#3. Weber Genesis II E-330: Best for new upgraded features

Do you want to enjoy the high quality of the Weber E-310 products, but still hope to have a side burner for Wok recipes? This product is created for you. Compared to the E-310, there are no many differences between the two grills, including dimensions. They both have an open cart concept.

Nevertheless, the E-310 offers two colours, whereas there are 4 colours available in the E-330. They are black, copper, crimson, and smoke. Hence, you can choose different colours to fit your kitchen style.

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The additional features that the E-330 have are the sear station and the side burner. The side burner is cast-iron and has the 12000 BTU. You can just put a wok or a griddle on it for some food preparation before adding your dishes to the main grilling area.

The additional sear station is situated between the 2 burners and can produce an additional 9000 BTU. This will be incredibly helpful for you to sear the meat and lock in the flavour. There is an access control knob, so you can easily adjust the sear burner.

  • Similar features to the E-310
  • Additional side burner
  • Control knob for burner
  • More expensive than the E-330

#4. Weber Stephen Genesis II E-335 LP Grill: Best for high temperature

This product is somehow identical to the Weber Genesis II 310 and the Weber Spirit S-315 NG. However, there are also some upgraded features to meet your requirements. In place of the open cart style in the Weber 310, this product has a cabinet in the bottom for you to store ingredients and food.

Another clear difference between this grill and the Weber 310 is the cooking grates. Instead of porcelain-coated, the cooking grates of the E-335 are stainless steel. Also, this product has 39,000 BTUs, which is different from the 37,500 on the 310. So, if you want to cook some dishes with higher temperature, you may need this product.

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However, this Weber 315 is slightly more expensive than its Weber 310 counterpart. It begs the question whether you should pay an additional cost to enjoy these few tweaks of the Weber 315.

  • Cabinet and front doors
  • Very solid grill
  • Hotter than the Weber 310
  • More expensive than Weber 310

#5. Weber Genesis II E-315 Grill: Best for elegant appearance

If you are a massive fan of Weber, you can’t miss this product. This is another Weber gas grill to add to our list. The Weber II E-315 has the same dimensions and features as the E-310. However, in the E-315 model, there is a cook box on a cart with two hinged front doors. This helps the product have a sleek look by hiding everything inside.

There are two colours available for the E-315 including black and copper. The copper will give your kitchen an elegant appearance, whereas the black could hide the dirt . Additionally, only the black Genesis E-315 features the option of 2 fuel sources, and you can choose either propane gas or natural gas.

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  • Similar features with the E310
  • Two hinged front doors
  • Black and copper colours
  • More expensive than the E-310

#6. Weber Genesis II E-310 LP Grill: Best Overall.

If you are looking for a grill with a lot of amazing features, this Weber grill can live up to your expectation. This is not only one of the top top grills under 1000, but it is also the best gas grill under 700.

People are usually afraid that the heat from the grill can cause burns, especially for children. With this terrific product, you don’t need to worry about it anymore because it is designed with the porcelain-enamelled, cast-iron cooking grates which can provide superior heat retention.

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Do you want to place a gas grill in your backyard so that you and your family can enjoy a feast in the open air? This product is the most suitable one. Because of stainless steel and porcelain materials, it can withstand severe weathers when being put outside. Once it gets dirty outside, you can just easily clean it as the product is stainless.

Also, the grill features a grease tray with a slope. This will be helpful as it allows the waste to flow to the catch pan. This disposable aluminium pan will enable you to do the regular cleaning without much effort.

One of the important features that we look for in a gas grill is how it can help cook a scrumptious meal. This Weber product feature Flavorizer bar system. This unique system catches drippings and ensures the drippings will circulate back to the food. This will help retain the food’s flavour and aroma.

Because the gas grills are not hot from the exterior to protect your children, you are worried about its power. You will be amazed that the grills come with three steel burners that can generate up to 37,500 BTUs per hour. When you want to grill some ingredients with high temperature such as beef or pork, this product can help you.

Although there are many functions, the grills are pretty easy to use. The product offers an electronic infinity ignition system, which includes a front-mounted knob. You can simply adjust this knob to retain the highest amount of heat.

This is a liquid propane unit so you must have a liquid propane tank to use the grills. The tank size should be 20 lbs. However, considering those said amazing features, it is worth paying some extra money to have a tank.

  • Intensify the flavour and aroma
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Infinity ignition system
  • Need a liquid propane tank

#7. Char-Broil Performance 650 6-Burners Cabinet: Best for large grilling space

You don’t want to stand and grill different ingredients again and again. Are you looking for a grill with large space for you to cook all of the ingredients at the same time? So, you may consider this Char-Broil grill. The product features 650 square inches of primary cooking on porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. It even comes with a bonus of 280 square inches with a lid on the left side for pre heat or storage.

Because of the large cooking area, some people may be concerned that the ingredients will not be cooked evenly. Just put your mind a rest as the grills have 6 burners with the cast iron cooking grates. These grates can conduct heat evenly and consistently for a tasty grilled meal.

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One interesting feature of the product is that it provides a spacious cabinet with two doors for the accessibility to the storage. When you want to have a feast in your backyard, you can just put the food into the cabinet and transport the cart with its casters.

However, because it has a large cooking area, it will occupy a lot of space in your kitchen. When your kitchen is not spacious, the grill itself will make your kitchen even more stuffy.

  • Spacious cooking area
  • Stainless steel material
  • Easy transportation
  • Occupy much space
  • No fuel gauge
  • Design flaws on lighting burners

#8. Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill: Best for portable design

This product is indeed convenient when you want to go on a picnic. Because of this portable design, you can easily carry it with you and enjoy scrumptious meals with your family or friends. The gas grill measures 21 x 13 x 12 inches. With a small lid down, the total weight of the grill is just 27 pounds. More interestingly, it goes with a bag, so you can simply put it in and carry it around.

You will be amazed to know that the product is designed for outside activities such as tailgaters, picnics, camping, and can be placed near the beach without having any damage. The marine-grade type 316 stainless steel is used to manufacture the grill. This will make the grill more resistant to saltwater corrosion than commercial grade type 304.


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Some of you may be concerned about its power and functionality because its design is unbelievable. There is no need to worry about it now since it has a 61.1 Infrared Intensity Index and can produce 14,000 BTU/hour. The Solaire Infrared Burner will distribute the high heat across the grill, which can help you hold up to 35% more natural juices and produce more tasty, flavorful food.

However, due to its small design, cleaning it will be a difficult task for you. The grill does not have a drip tray, and the built-up grease will drop into the bottom of the grill. When you clean it, you need to take the infrared element out. This will sometimes be time-consuming.

  • Portable design
  • Flavour retention
  • salt-resistant
  • No drip tray

#9. Weber 47502001 Spirit S-315 NG Gas Grill: Best for functionality

This grill comes in handy as it can be used to cook a wide range of recipes. The total grill space is 424 square inches of primary grilling area, additional warming rack space, and 2 side work surfaces. This allows you to cook many recipes that need some heating preparation such as Simmer BBQ sauce or sauté veggies.

A special bonus is the Spirit grates are reversible between the thin side and thicker side. The thin side will be incredibly useful when cooking some delicacies such as fish whereas the thicker side can be used for steaks or burgers that need a sear.

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There is no need to worry about the longevity of the product. Some materials may be run down if exposed to oil and fat frequently. This product is an exception. The Weber porcelain-enamel finish can prevent rusting and cracking.

One problem the cook usually faces is they may forget the meal and have a burnt smell. This grill does offer the iGrill3 system to sync up with your mobile phones to control the temperature and cook time remotely.

  • Suitable for different recipes
  • Intensify the flavour
  • Remotely control
  • A bit overpriced

#10. Char-Broil Signature 525 Propane Gas Grill: Best for dual fuel

Another product that should be in this top-rated gas grill under 1000 is the Char-Broil Signature 525. This product is for Char-broil fans because it is from the Signature series, the advanced version of Performance series.

Besides some similar functions and features, its fans can enjoy some advanced features including dual fuel. The product allows you to use both liquid propane tanks and natural gas. This comes in handy since you don’t need to spend extra money buying the energy sources you don’t have.


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The product is more amazing when it comes to longevity. This unit offers a better warranty period than the other units of the Char-Broil performance series.

Though it is an advanced version of the Performance series, you may feel a bit disappointed that the cooking area’s size from the Char-Broil Signature 525 (525 inches) is slightly smaller than the Char-Broil Performance 650 (650 inches). It will be a bit inconvenient for you when you need to place many ingredients on the grill.

  • Advanced version of Char-Broil Performance series
  • 10-year warranty
  • Dual fuel
  • Smaller cooking area
  • the doors are prone to rust

Buying Guides

As mentioned above, there are many built-in grills under 1000 available on the market with many amazing features. Of course, we cannot find the perfect grills with all functions, but we can seek the best gas grill under 1000 that best suits our needs. Here are some tips for you to pay attention to the products.


The first element that you need to look at is materials. It is because the materials used for the grills can greatly affect the longevity of the products. We could recommend stainless steel and Stainless steel are long-lasting and reasonable.

However, the grates of some products can be made of different materials. You will find some products can have porcelain-coated or cast iron grates.

Cast-iron: Cast-iron grilling grates can retain the heat greatly. However, Cast-iron cooking grates are normally exorbitant because they are heavier than other materials. Also, they need maintenance.

Porcelain-coated cast iron: This material is more affordable. However, it is likely to be chipped. This is why you should choose high quality porcelain-coated cast iron to ensure that it lasts long.

Stainless steel: This material is more reasonable than the cast iron. You can also clean the grates effortlessly and make sure the grates last longer. However, it does require regular replacement. Frequent use of this stainless can roughen up the surface.

Cooking Space

There are many grills with different sizes, ranging from portable grills to giant ones. It is important to consider how many people you could cook for and then choose the right one.

If you hope to organize a big BBQ cookout in your backyard for all relatives, you should go for a grill with larger space. These grills could be more expensive, and you need to get ready to stretch your budget.

However, if you just need to grill for your small family, a smaller grill with 200 to 400 squares of cooking area is enough. It is, therefore, up to your requirements.

Natural Gas or Propane

These are two types of fuel that can be used for grills. There are some pros and cons of the two types.

If you go for natural gas, you will have to install a gas line in your home. Therefore, it could be a bit expensive in the first place, but you can access it all the time. It is more convenient for you as there is no need to go out and fill a tank. You can choose the best natural gas grills under 1000 from the list above for more features and durability.

However, this could also be a disadvantage. Since it is a permanent installation, you cannot carry the grill anywhere with you. It is connected to the gas supply.

Regarding the propane, this type of fuel is more commonly used among household wives. It is because it can burn hotter than natural gas. This is just so suitable for some dishes with high temperature.

Another benefit of propane is that its tank can be moved around. This helps transport your grills to wherever you want. In some portable grills, it is designed to attach to the grill.

Nevertheless, the propane tank needs filling once it runs out. You can fill it in a gas station or a convenience store. It will be a bit inconvenient if you run out of propane when you are in the middle of the cookout. Also, as it burns hotter, it could be somehow dangerous.

Number of Burners

This is an essential element as each burner can be controlled independently, which means you can simultaneously cook different recipes. The more burners you have, the more you can save time.

If you have two burners, you can divide them into the low temperature and the higher temperature. This allows you to sear steaks on the high heat zone. Meanwhile, you can cook chicken on the lower heat zone. However, grills with more burners can be more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we really need a side burner?

The side burners are not essential, but it comes in handy in some recipes. When you need to cook at different temperatures, it will be of immense help to low temperature-required dishes. The main grilling are can be too hot, and it is indeed not suitable for vegetables and other delicacies.

  1. How many burners do we need?

It kinda depends on your budget and the number of meals you want to cook. If you cook two dishes at the same time, two burners will be incredibly time-saving. If you just need to cook a small group of people, just one burner can also finish the job easily with having to pour a lot of money on grills with burners.

  1. How do we maintain the grills?

a gas grill is pretty easy to maintain, especially for stainless grills. You just need to clean the grill after use. Try to make sure there are no leftovers on the grill. Besides, check any leak to ensure there is no accident. If you run out of propane, you need to refill the tank for more usage.


The above is the best gas grills under $1000. As mentioned, different grills will have different functions and prices. So, you just need to choose the one that best meets your requirement. However, I would highly recommend Weber Genesis II E-310 LP Grill as this product almost possesses all the features a premium grill needs. This best grill under 1000 is also more affordable than other grills. Hence, if you want to buy a grill with many functions at a reasonable price, you may consider this one.

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