Best Weber Grill Under 1000 – The Top Choices For A Meal With Top Quality!

Out of all grill producers, Weber always comes out on top for its extraordinary product line. Satisfying the requirements for performance while solving all the budget concerns, these cooking machines will never fail to impress you. If you wish to treat you and those you love to a grilled party in its truest sense, check out our picks for the best Weber grill under 1000 right now!


Best Weber Grill Under 1000 – A Detailed Review

#1. Weber 45010001 – Best overall

The very thing that captivates our attention upon taking out Weber 45010001 for a test drive is the fact that it keeps the grilling process hassle-free. This level of utter convenience is brought by the infinity ignition that never fails to light a flame, flavorizer bars to give your food a delicious smoky taste, and a helpful grease management system with easy access drip tray to remove all the unwanted drippings.

The ability of this best Weber gas grill under 1000 goes beyond simplifying your job as the one in charge of the BBQ party. The three powerful burners stretching over 529 square inches of cooking surface coupled with the burner tubes right inside its metallic construction allow you to distribute consistent heat across the entire grilling surface.

On top of that, when you crank up the temperature, Weber 45010001 releases a generous amount of heat with an impressive output of 30000 BTU, which is enough to cook anything to perfection for an acceptable span of time.


  • An optimal design for better results
  • 90-square-inch warming rack
  • Easy to put together
  • Access to side table and integrated tool hooks
  • Solid stainless steel design


  • No additional hardware (screw, washer) for replacement

#2. Weber 44010001 – Best choice for small area

Our second recommendation for the best Weber grill under $1000 is this 44010001 model, which can even be considered a twin of our topics, given their similarity in appearance and ability.

In fact, both models share almost every specific feature, from the level of fuel consumed each time being put into operation, to the overall BTU output (30000 BTU). Even their useful built-in parts, ignition, grease handling system, additional warming rack, additional tables, and cast-iron cooking grates, are best captured as identical.

But unlike its seemingly spitting image, this gas grill is built with less than one burner, making it a wonderful choice for small families planning some backyard weekend fun. Three would turn out to be quite unnecessary in this case, as regular households do not have that many mouths to feed, and might only end up weighing down their budget to some extent.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Come with all the integral add-ins
  • Generous cooking space
  • Suitable for families
  • Solid stainless steel design


  • The edge of the folding table can be quite sharp

#3. Weber 61016001 – Best For Extra Delicious Sides

If to you, a BBQ party worth going to should have its menu extend further than roasted meat and veggie, this option from Weber would be your best bet. The grill arrives at the market with a special side burner built right in, giving you the ability to prepare side dishes of your personal preference, such as hotdogs or Sauté veggies, or even making all sorts of BBQ sauce for the main course under the stainless steel lid.

The pleasant surprise does not stop there. When purchasing this 61016001 model, you can finish even more dishes and serve more guests using the gigantic 669-square-inch cooking area and the solid stainless steel grate. When you shut down the lid, the heat is trapped inside and distributed through all your fresh ingredients evenly, and you can retrieve your meal within a short while.


  • Prepare tasty side dishes
  • Constructed out of stainless steel
  • Enormous cooking space
  • Storage and integrated hooks for extra tools included
  • Thermometer monitors included


  • Assembly can be quite time-consuming

#4. Weber 61011001 – Bets for BTU output

There is a widely acknowledged truth that the higher the BTU can get, the quicker the gas grill can get the job done. Among all Weber low-cost models, this sleek-and-slick grill is the only one from which you can expect a high volume of heat and experience this joy of quick cooking.

Weber 61011001 can produce 39000 BTU for an entire grilling area of 669 square inch and never has it been complained about any inconsistency in heat distribution. How the brand manages to couple this with a budget product line is something we find rather impressive, as plenty of grilling tools in this price range fail to deliver such optimal performance.

Similar to all products we have mentioned earlier, this one comes with a wide range of handy features to keep your work simple and effortless, such as top-notch heat retention, grease management system, and easy-to-read fuel gauge.


  • High amount of heat
  • Useful additional features
  • Warming
  • Heat-retention cooking grates
  • Open-cart design and integrated tool hooks for tool storage


  • Does not suit petite users

#5. Weber 51060001 – Best Portable Gas Grill

Anyone who loves BBQ picnics with their friends will want to give this stainless steel grill from Weber a shot since it is obviously the perfect partner for all the trip with the unbelievably compact size: 20.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 inches only. You can pick it up with little or no effort at all and stack it in the back of your car along with all the things you have packed without leaving anything behind.

If performance is something you are concerned about as you are not sure if such a small thing can actually do much, we have some good news. This lightweight grill works as well as any bigger versions the brand provides. Its cooking space of 189 square inches is heated up with an overall output of 8500 BTU, ideal for you and your gang to get chatty around the grilling spot without accidentally burning any ingredient while your attention is elsewhere.


  • Ideal size for outings
  • Durable design
  • Heat-retaining cooking grates
  • Require little maintenance


  • Does not come with a cylinder

#6. Weber 46110001 – Best for design

Are you on the hunt for a gas grill that can provide you with flavorful dishes, requires as little maintenance as possible, and is built to last through the test of time? If you give a strong nod for each and every question, then this 46110001 model with a heavy-duty design holding well against rust and damage should be on the top of your list.

This does not apply only to the body, but also the porcelain-enameled lid and cook box. We all know full well that the sight of a rundown grill has quite an appetite-ruining effect, but thanks to the specific design of this product, this will never be the case. In short, nothing will stop you from having all the fun in the world standing by the 450-square-inch grilling space and filling your lungs with the smell of roasting fresh meat!


  • Anti-rust design
  • Powerful enough to cook food within a short time
  • Extra durability
  • Comes with a warming rack
  • Cabinet included


  • No assembly instruction

#7. Weber 15501001 – Best for working with heat

When getting this Weber charcoal grill, you can lay your hands on one of the best budget picks with commendable heat controlling and withstanding ability. The whole unit has dampers built-in, which serves the purpose of adjusting the airflow inside the functioning grill even when you have not lifted the lid up. You can even extinguish the coal by shutting these dampers and cutting off the oxygen completely.

The fuel grate itself is quite extraordinary. You can stack burning coals on top to make a certain dish, or indirectly grill something, and the grate will barely have a scratch.


  • Simple heat management
  • Charcoal storage included
  • Table for ingredient prepare included
  • Electronic ignition
  • 363 square inches of cooking space


  • Take a while to clean up

How To Get A Grill Meeting Your Demands?

If you are a complete novice in grill selecting and usually find yourself overwhelmed by the endless options in the store’s display section, perhaps our brief yet concise guide below has all you ever need. Concentrate on these 3 integral criteria and your trusty grilling companion for the best quality of meals will be within reach.


BTU is widely known to gas grill users as a measurement for the level of heat one can expect from the gas grill of their choice. Most people assume that whenever shopping for a grill, you need to make this your top priority, for its effect on the cooking process is more significant than anything else. However, this is not exactly the case here.

The higher the BTU is, the shorter the cooking process becomes, but it is going to burn up tons of fuel doing so. This might be the life source for chefs with thousands of mouths to feed every day in their life, but a completely unnecessary waste of power for an ordinary household.

Take our word for advice: only go for any gas grill with enough BTU to get the job done. The benchmark range is always considered 80 BTU to 100 BTU, yet, you do not have to think of this as the golden rule to follow. Many users say with the right combination of features, grills put out less than 70 BTU that gave them foods as delicious as those with higher ratings.

The number of burners

When you grill with extra burners, making many dishes at the same time is as effortless as ever since you can adjust the heat for different zones all across the cooking surface. You can spread a juicy cut of beef on one side then fire it at the highest temperature until the rich brown crust reflecting the most delicious state of roasted meat shows up while grilling a whole turkey using low heat on the other to make sure it is probably cooked from inside out.

With plenty of grill designs the market has to offer, the number of burners available is not restricted to merely one or two. Most families are familiar with the 3 burner gas grill that has sufficient cooking space to accommodate their weekend backyard BBQ. But if you believe your grilling demands are big enough to justify more than that, feel free to boost that number to 5, or even 6.

Convenience features

Different grills present a certain package of accessories for a less demanding cooking process. From cast-iron cooking grates, rotisserie to draw out all the internal juice in your premium cuts while keeping its outside crispy to built-in smokers for expanding your menu to new and better land, cutting-edge gas grills have them all.

But as useful as you deem them, more ability often results in a higher price. Weigh your options carefully and never take your money out for a versatile model of this kind if you are not all that into grilling and only intend to use it once in a while. Otherwise, all the costs you have to cover might soon spark strong grievance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Weber gas grill seem to have lower BTU than most brands?

We have to admit, the level of heat generated by these grills are not as good as others. But this is not entirely a bad thing, as we have already told you, what decides whether the grill is worthy of your attention are the combination of all factors included, not the BTU alone.

On top of that, Weber founders have openly stated they keep the BTU low on purpose, even for their high-end model. They aim for not only the results, but also the efficiency, and they want to reduce the amount of gas required for running the grill.

Is a gas grill better than a charcoal grill?

Our team prefers gas grill more, but this does not really reflect the opinion of all since both types carry their own unique traits that many are in love with. Anything falling in the gas category is more convenient because they heat up faster and take less time to clean. However, cooking with charcoal is the only way to achieve quality meat sears and smoky flavor. Some gas-operated models do feature this, but they are not quite the same.

Should you use natural gas or propane for your grill?

Hardly anyone would choose natural gas over propane, we can say for certain. Grills running on propane are independent units and you can move them around, which is impossible in a gas grill’s case as they are fixed to the gas line’s location. Plus, compared to natural gas, propane burns hotter.

Are all gas grills resistant to rust?

Most of them can. Being outdoor equipment, their exteriors are usually made out of stainless steel and aluminum. This enhances their durability and allows them to stand strong against multiple factors.

How long should a gas grill last?

On the condition that you use them well and keep them in proper shape with regular maintenance, each unit is expected to perform at its peak for up to ten years. At least, this is the case with Weber’s models. All of them, including the ones we have introduced you to, come with the producer’s guarantee that they can last that long.


Be it preparing a special weekend meal for your family or throwing a big BBQ party for your friends, the best Weber grill under 1000 has it covered! We understand how hard it can be to get a high-quality roasting tool packed with accessories at this price range, so we hope that our list has what you are looking for.

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